The TENA approach to best continence care

Everything we do is about making life better for the people who use our products and services. So we run a continuous research programme with all those we aim to help, giving us an unmatched understanding of the impact of continence management on individuals, carers, healthcare professionals, institutions and healthcare authorities.

This information supports our research and development programme, which also draws on the skills and expertise of scientists and healthcare professionals from around the world. We use their diverse skills to develop ground-breaking products and services that continue to reduce the impact of incontinence on people’s lives.

In particular, this approach has led to innovations in the creation of high-absorbency products that are ultra-dry, gentle on the skin and very discreet. These are an essential requirement for individuals who wish to manage their incontinence while carrying on their normal lives.

We believe in making a difference to people’s lives

I thought I’d never have the confidence to sunbathe in a bikini again…
TENA Lady Mini Magic is our most discreet liner-like protection.

I’ve learnt to trust it now… and trust that it will stay dry.
Our unique QuickDry topsheet technology and absorbent Lock Away Core mean our pads and pant products remain comfortably dry and secure after use.

I thought long days out might be a thing of the past...not with TENA Pants Discreet.
TENA Pants Discreet - A pant product that looks and feels like normal underwear but offers all day comfort security.

(Healthcare professional within residential care)
When we switched our residents to TENA products, cases of skin irritation just disappeared
We introduced FeelDry™ across our healthcare range. This is a specially developed, high-speed, inlet topsheet that stays dry against the skin after use - even under pressure. This reduces the risk of skin irritation, the frequency of changing and the associated costs. It also dramatically improves patient comfort.

(Care givig relative)
At 65 I’m not as strong as I used to be and changing my Mum’s incontinence diapers was really putting a strain on my back….
TENA Flex is an all-in-one product, ergonomically designed to facilitate the changing of those with mobility problems, while reducing the risk of back strain to carers. It makes the changing process easier and more comfortable for both.


All our products conform to the highest safety standards and are CE marked as proof of compliance with EU safety and performance directives.