What is cost effective care?

You can’t put a price on the care you give your loved one but you can make choices about incontinence care that impact on both the quality and the economics of that care. This section is a practical guide to explain the factors that impact on both quality of care and the overall cost of incontinence care.

Achieving the best possible care

The most important part of good incontinence care is to ensure both the physical and emotional comfort of your loved one, and the key to this is using the products that provide maximum care and prevent the negative side effects that incontinence can cause. Things like leaks, waking to a damp mattress or skin irritation have physical, emotional and economic consequences.

So what are the factors that help avoid these consequences?

• Protection with rapid absorption to draw urine away from the skin means no uncomfortable dampness or seep back
• Products designed around your loved one’s individual physical and mental state increase comfort and reduce product usage
• Less dampness means less risk of skin irritation – particularly if your loved one has to sit or lie down for long periods due to disability or injury.
• If your loved one needs to be changed in a lying position, products designed for this will reduce the strain and risk of injury to the carers back
• Fewer leaks mean less risk of waking to and dealing with a damp mattress
• Fewer leaks mean fewer night-time disturbances for you and your loved one
• Fewer leaks mean fewer intrusive changes and less laundry
• Fewer leaks mean less fear of embarrassment and social withdrawal
• Less skin irritation reduces the need for additional skin medication
• A wetness indicator can reduce unnecessary changes
• Finding the right absorbency and size for your loved one: you don’t necessarily need to go for the highest absorbency and you may need different products for day and night-time usage. (Why not experiment with a free sample?)
• Using products that are safe for the skin of the person you care for.

So cost effective care isn’t just about the price of a particular product, it means choosing the right size and absorbency and design of product for the individual you are caring for and making sure it is put on correctly for their comfort and security so you and your loved one are emotionally, physically and economically better off.

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