How TENA products can help you

For confidence, freshness and discretion, there’s no substitute for specialist bladder weakness protection. Over the years we’ve talked to thousands of women to build our understanding of the kind of products that are needed to ensure that that they are not worried about leaks and odour and can feel fresh and confident no matter what their day brings or even what they wear. A long day out or a very active day might lead you to choose bladder weakness protection with greater security whereas you might choose a lighter product when you are staying close to home. So many people choose to switch between levels of absorbency according to their plans for the day.

  • Why TENA is your best choice

    TENA products have been developed to rapidly absorb urine and retain it away from the body for comfort and freshness. This means that you can choose much smaller products than you might expect. Why not see for yourself how liberating it feels to have complete confidence in your protection?

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    Because everyone has different needs and preferences and because some days you may require more security than others, our range of TENA products are available in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels. Browse here to see the full range explained in detail.

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