Product Range

We have a full range of products that come in different levels of absorbency and different sizes to ensure you can find the product most comfortable for you whatever you are doing. You may find you prefer to opt for smaller lighter, absorbency products some days and a higher absorbency or TENA pants for those days when you are out about and don’t know what the day might bring.  For ease, we’ve divided the range into 2 sections:  light protection for light incontinence, and moderate protection for heavy incontinence.


1. TENA lady

2. TENA Underpad


1. TENA Value

2. TENA Plus

3. TENA Maxi

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TENA Lady Extra


Specially designed for active women with bladder problems or light urinary incontinence and provides protection against sudden and uncontrolled leaks. TENA Lady Extra’s shape has a specific design to ensure a great fit by following your body's natural contours. There’s also a fully breathable outer layer for extra comfort and a double pulp layer for increased absorption, enabling you to enjoy your day with complete confidence.  

•Working Absorption:  150 ml

TENA Slip Maxi

• Overnight care for Heavy Incontinence
• Protection all through the night, for 6 to 8 hours.
• Best for patients who are bed ridden.
• 3x more absorbent as other brands in the premium/overnight segment.
• A full-feature diaper, that is leak proof & can be used for a longer period of time.
• Absorbs up to 1.5 liters (working absorption= 800 - 1150 mls.)

TENA Slip Plus

• Daytime Care for Heavy Incontinence
• Suitable for patients confined to the bed.
• 2x more absorbent than other brands
• A full-feature diaper, that is leak proof & can be used for a long period of time.
• Absorbs up to 0.9 liter (working absorption= 400-600 mls.)

TENA Value


•Regular Care for Heavy Incontinence
•Right absorbency for the Right Price
•More absorbent as compared to similar brands in the economy segment
•Basic diaper that is leak proof & can be used for a longer period of time.
•Absorbs up to 0.8 liter (working absorption= 400-500 mls.)

TENA Underpad

TENA Underpads are designed for patients unable to use body worn products due to skin irritation and infection. Also used to cover mattresses in order to absorb leakages, reduce odours and maintain dryness. They consist of a polyethylene layer combined with sealed edges to ensure leakage protection. The highly absorbent material is evenly distributed throughout the core. TENA Bed uses 100% virgin fluff pulp, which provides far greater levels of absorption and retention than draw-sheets or wadding-filled pads. 

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