and Skin Care are two areas commonly linked to caregiving. Learn more how TENA, with over 60 years of experience, can help you in your caregiving.

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Incontinence pads for women

Discreet & secure incontinence pads for women

TENA Lady Extra

Designed for medium bladder leakage

TENA Lady Super | Incontinence Pad

Incontinence pad designed for medium to heavy bladder weakness.

Incontinence Pants

Soft and secure incontinence pull-up pants with great absorption

TENA Pants Plus | Incontinence pants

Designed for medium to heavy bladder leakage

Incontinence briefs with tabs | Slip

Secure all-in-one incontinence briefs with adjustable tabs for great fit and super absorbency

TENA Slip Plus

Designed for medium to heavy urine leakage

TENA Value

TENA Value all-in-one diaper offers 2X the absorbency that the wearer's needs. It is specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users in South East Asia.

TENA Slip Maxi

Designed for heavy to very heavy urine leakage

Bed protection

Incontinence bed protection products for a secure layer to protect mattresses, chairs and sofas

TENA Underpad Plus

TENA Underpad Plus is designed to protect against leakage on beds, chairs and other surfaces.